Update – November 2018

Welcome, to this the church’s original website.

As above, after 98 years of service to the community, Enmore Spiritualist Church closed its doors for the last time.  The final days of the church were very troubled indeed, with theft and dishonesty bringing about the downfall of our very much loved community centre.

As it turns out, Patricia Cleary, the long-time president and treasurer of the church, had been stealing church funds for a large number of years.  As dishonesty tends to do, it feeds upon itself, and what started as a little old lady putting her hand in the till, has over the years grown into a story of crime, cover ups and corruption; all on a large scale.

Please see below letter to John McKenzie, the NSW Legal Services Commissioner, of 2 November 2018, and E-mail to the Minister for Police of 31 August 2018 in relation to the church’s closure and the disappearance of all its monies.  As you will see, it is a very sorry tale indeed.

Click on the below graphics for a more easily readable pdf and printable version of the letter and E-mail as mentioned above.





After many years of service to the community, Enmore Spiritualist Church closed its doors in 2011. This, the church’s original website, is now dedicated to its founders and its history.

View the site menu for information about the church’s past, to view photographs of the founders, and gain insight into its troubled final days.  Also find in the above menu links to other churches in the area.

A letter to the Chief Justice of NSW, dated 24th October 2016, in relation to the Church’s closure can be found here.  A letter to Terence Goldberg of Turner Freeman Lawyers in relation to the church’s until now missing monies, dated 15th November 2016, can be found here.

Find here a letter to Herbert Smith Freehills of 10th March 2017 detailing the pathway of how the church funds have fraudulently made their way to the home address of Mandy Miami (real name Miranda McCarthy) and Jon Lindsay, that is 3/349 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, with the undeniably dishonest assistance of Terry Goldberg of Turner Freeman Lawyers.