As you may have seen, the input of Turner Freeman Lawyers was destructive for the church and saw the church fold and its monies vanish to the address 3/349 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst, which oddly enough is the home address as given to the church a number of years ago of Jon Lindsay and Miranda McCarthy (aka Mandy Miami).  In fact, Jon Lindsay is the public officer of a new association by the name of The Congregation of the Enmore Spiritualist Church Incorporated, and that is the entity to which the church monies have been passed to.

The coincidences of matter are stunning.  Jon Lindsay is long-time acquaintance of Terence Goldberg of Turner Freeman Lawyers, the same lawyers who stated it was owed a large amount of money by the church, which caused the winding up of the church in the first instance, and yet another coincidence, it was Jon Lindsay who voted to wind up the church.

Turner Freeman seem to be terribly on this topic, and wrote a letter making a large number of allegations of criminal conduct about an ex-church member, and would you believe it, it’s the same ex-church member who has brought the above to the attention of the NSW Police.

Find below the letter that had to be written to the NSW Police on 2nd March 2017 in relation to those allegations.